At E-ssential Networks, we provide two backup and disaster recovery solutions. These solutions are E-ssential Networks DataSafePlus and E-ssential Networks BDR. Our backup systems provide data protection and archiving solutions for sensitive data in a secured environment. DataSafePlus can be used on start-up practices or where mission-critical data and application aren’t needed to conduct daily business activities. E-ssential Networks BDR is a more advanced disaster recovery solution offering business continuity with almost no downtime. E-ssential Networks BDR captures snapshots of the server(s) throughout the day and stores them on a local appliance. The solution also provides virtualization software that can be used in conjunction with the latest server(s) image and  initiate a virtual server with the most updated information in the case of a server failure or virus attack. Networks users don’t need to do anything to resume operations. This system makes the server available on demand when needed thus providing business continuity solution at an affordable price.


Servers fail. Disasters happen. Can your organization afford any form of downtime?


We Have The Solution!

  • An E-ssential Networks appliance takes an image (snapshot) of your server several time per day. That means you wouldn’t lose an entire day’s worth of work if your server crashed or a severe virus attack.
  • You don’t have to change tapes or external USB hard disk  every day or lug them around in your car.
    You would have near-instant business continuity if your server failed. In the event of a server crash, the E-ssential Networks Appliance will TAKE OVER as an acting server so you can keep on working while we rescue and rebuild your failed server. This means you’ll be up and running very quickly instead of potentially being down for DAYS.
  • Your data and server image get stored offsite at a secure data facility, and replicated to another data facility to make sure your backup has a backup! This is FAR safer and reliable than old external hard drive backups and protects us from natural disasters like hurricanes, fires, and floods.

Key Features

Image-based backup

Image-based backup and cloud replication, providing total server protection

Multiple recovery option

Multiple recovery options, minimizing downtime

Generous Storage

Up to 2TB cloud and local storage

Military-grade security

Compliant data centers and military-grade security, exceeding industry standards

Basic Backup Solution

  Provides file and folder protection for your business application in a secured environment. Price is based on data consumption. All data is encrypted with 256bit encryption to meet HIPAA compliance regulations

Up to 5 GB
Up to 5 GB
Up to 10 GB
Up to 20 GB
Up to 50 GB
Up to 100 GB
More than 100 GB
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