Open Dental Scanner Troubleshooting

  • Check to make sure you can use the scanner outside of Open Dental (e.g. Windows Fax and Scan). If the scanner doesn’t work outside of Open Dental, it will not work inside of Open Dental.
  • Check to see if the scanner came with a TWAIN or WIA driver. If not, you will have to install a generic TWAIN driver.
  • Try to update the driver from the manufacturer’s website. If driver update fails, try using Microsoft Update.
  • Sometimes, newer drivers are not well tested by the manufacturer and can cause unpredictable scanning results (OD hanging after one scan, or OD taking up 50% of the CPU waiting for the scanner, etc.). In this case, installing an older more stable driver can sometimes fix the issue. Example: Epson GT-S50 issue was resolved by installing drivers from the CD.

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