Schick CDR USB Remote HS

  1. Download the CDR USB Remote HS driver from Schick’s Website, select HS Remote (Retried). 
  2. Once the folder has downloaded, right-click the folder and select Extract All. 
  3. In the extracted folder, right-click the CDR USB Remote HS Driver Setup and select Run as administrator. 
  4. Follow the prompts to install the driver. 
  5. Once the installation is complete, plug in the Remote HS into the A-to-B USB Cable, and then the USB Cable into the back of the computer tower. 
  6. Open the CDR USB Remote HS Utility (Start | All Programs | CDR DICOM for Windows | CDR USB Remote HS Utility).
  7. Verify the Firmware Version and CPLD Versions are up-to-date (the number will appear in green).
    • If the Firmware and CPLD Version are not up-to-date (the numbers appear in red), select the button to upgrade the Firmware Version first. Once completed, select the button to upgrade the CPLD. 
  8. Install the sensor calibration file(s). For the CDR Phoenix, Pluswire, or Wireless Sensors the calibration files will need to be manually installed. Please reference the Schick Sensor Calibration File Install – FAQ 6249 for assistance.
  9. Close the CDR USB Remote HS Utility and connect the sensor.

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