Dentrix Reports To Run Before Restoring A Backup


If a customer needs to restore a backup that is not current, the following reports should be run so they can re-enter everything they need to for the days the information will be lost on.  NOTE: This is not an all inclusive list.  These are suggested reports to run.


 NOTE: Please contact us at 1-800-DENTRIX if you have any questions on potential options before restoring a backup.   


An Appointment List for every day they will have lost as well as far enough forward to cover all possible future appointments. (Office Manager Reports Lists Daily Appointment List.)

If Dentrix G4 with PP7 or newer, Appointment History List for Create Date Only and Last Modified Date Only for date range (Office Manager Reports Lists Appointment History List ) Click here for more information about this report.

Clinical Notes

      Clinical Notes Report

  • Open Chart
  • Click on the Clinical Notes Tab
  • Click on Print Button
  • Set filters 

Patient Notes

      Multiple Notes Reports

  • Office Manager Reports Lists Patient Report Notes 

Treatment Plans

Practice Treatment Case Report

  • Open Treatment Planner (for any patient) File Print Practice Treatment Case Report
  • Procedure Code Date Range: Enter the days that will be lost.
  • Keep all other options at ALL


Day Sheet for the days that will be lost. (Office Manager Reports Management Day Sheet).

An Audit Trail for any changes that they made during the days that will be lost. (Office Manager Maintenance Audit Trails.)

Time Clock Reports – (Dentrix Quick Launch Time Clock Employee Clock In/Out Reports Tab)

            Time Punch Report

            Payroll Report – if the office uses this feature

New Patients

New Patient List for all new patients and family files that were created. (Office Manager Reports Lists New Patient List).

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